The mastic that goes beyond all expectations of localised waterproofing

BI FIX is an amphibious two-component chemical anchor, vinyl ester without styrene, for quick high-performance fastening of connectors and iron tools even in damp or fully wet environments, made of two components (A+B) which are mixed using the special nozzle at the time of extrusion.

Where to use it

  • High performance chemical anchoring of connectors for structural cracked and non-cracked concrete reinforcement
  • Anchoring of iron tools in the casting
  • Anchoring of metal bars in a wet environment or subject to permanent humidity, even in marine or industrial environment, on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Anchoring of various metal elements in the plant engineering, medical, industrial, construction sector, etc...


  • Fast, solid and resolutive anchoring
  • Applicable with surface temperatures up to -10°C
  • Also suitable for applications in poorly ventilated environments thanks to the absence of styrene
  • It can be fastened on horizontal, vertical, inclined or overhead axis
  • Also suitable for fixing on intact or cracked concrete supports, solid and perforated masonry, stone, wood...
  • Applicable on dry, wet or flooded concrete
  • Easy and quick to use with traditional silicone guns

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