VOLGRIP LH hydro-reactive waterproofing product


High performance for waterproofing

VOLGRIP LH is a self-gripping bentonite membrane for the effective protection against groundwater of structures built with reinforced concrete that is constant, fluctuating or due for demolition. Its particular self-gripping structure prevents interface transmigration of water phenomena.

Where to use it

  • Applications with reinforced concrete castings (beds and foundation walls against diaphragms, sheet pile and Berlinese retaining walls, existing foundations or disposable formwork) in constructions such as garages, cellars, warehouses, safety vaults, taverns, stores, multi-storey car parks, underpasses, tunnels etc... Contact Volteco Technical Service for a different use.


  • Easy and quick application
  • Natural Sodium Bentonite-based product
  • Insuperable self-confinement
  • High impermeability
  • It can be drilled, cut and shaped to adapt to the structure

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