PLASTIVO 250 waterproofing multipurpose coating


Versatility and flexibility of use for waterproofing surfaces subject to moderate movements and to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure

PLASTIVO 250 is a waterproof coating featuring high elasticity and versatility of use to waterproof surfaces subject to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.

Where to use it

    Positive and negative hydrostatic pressure waterproofing of structures made of concrete, cement blocks or mixed masonry, previously levelled with suitable VOLTECO mortars, affected by moderate settlements and/or movements. Particularly suitable for:
  • Walls and foundations slabs and reinforced cement floors in garages, cellars, underground structures in general
  • Slabs and structures exposed to contact with water
  • Substrates in general, also lightened with expanded clay
  • Tanks, channels and structures also intended to contain drinking water, reinforced concrete foundation walls, pools, etc


  • Easy and quick application
  • Applicable by brush, roller and spatula
  • Excellent impermeability in conditions of positive and negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Adheres to different types of surfaces (concrete, brickwork, brick, gypsum board, plastic, metal, ceramic, polystyrene, wood, other)
  • Complete waterproofing cycle within one day
  • Low environmental impact thanks to reduced CO₂ emissions, very low Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOC), components obtained from recycling processes
  • The product helps earning points for LEED certification
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Suitable for contact with purifier water and domestic wastewater

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