The mastic that goes beyond all expectations of localised waterproofing

AKTI-VO 201 is a high-performance hydro-expansive mastic for definitively sealing and waterproofing passing bodies and cracks in general. It is the most effective, resolutive solution, through direct intervention on the water flow point.

Where to use it

  • To seal damage to reinforced concrete structures due to shrinkage
  • To seal concrete, metal and plastic pipes embedded into the concrete
  • To create seals, as long as confined, between prefabricated elements
  • Watertight construction joints in reduced section structures
  • To level surfaces and seals at the ends of the ADEKA KM profiles
  • Sealing of through-elements and holes in general of the AMPHIBIA membrane


  • Resolutive intervention on existing structures
  • Also applicable on wet and very uneven surfaces
  • It can support significant loads of water
  • Easy and quick to use

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