The mastic that goes beyond all expectations of localised waterproofing

AKTI-VO BS is a mastic composed of natural sodium Bentonite and butyl rubber, suitable for the waterproof sealing of penetrations, at the connection between elements of different nature or at the grouting of the VOLGRIP bentonite membrane. It is an effective solution that allows you to intervene in a timely manner to complete waterproofing systems.

Where to use it

  • Accurate sealing of connection reinforcing bars, such as connectors, reinforcing bars, anchoring brackets, etc.
  • Seal penetrations, such as cement, metal and plastic pipes embedded into the reinforced concrete, pole heads and pumping wells
  • Connection fillet between discontinuous elements
  • Reinforcement of the connection between the VOLGRIP bentonite membrane and other waterproofing
  • Grouting of the VOLGRIP bentonite membrane in tears or joints


  • Chemically stable, not affected by exposure to air or contact with sea water or contaminants
  • Also applicable on damp and very uneven surfaces
  • Allows for applications with variable thickness
  • Practical for accurate applications in the unipack package
  • Easy and quick to use

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