The multi directional elastic surface for vertical and horizontal applications

FLEXONET is flexible polypropylene alkali-resistant mesh to be used as reinforcement to improve the multi-directional elastic performance of elastic modified polymer mineral coatings in the PLASTIVO family and of CP1 elastic protective coating.

Where to use it

  • Structures that are potentially subject to cracking, such as roof-top swimming pools, terraces, flat roofs, etc
  • Surfaces with crazing subject to thermic-dynamic movements
  • Surfaces with micro-cracks caused by shrinkage, differentiated absorbency or other, such as building walls, string courses, flues, plastered surfaces, etc


  • Resistant to alkaline environment
  • Easy installation thanks to its considerable capacity to be permeated
  • It overall and evenly improves crack bridging capacities, fatigue strength and more generally all of the mechanical properties of the PLASTIVO/CP1 products that it is added to
  • It does not alter the breathability characteristics of the mixture that it is added to
  • Light and easy to handle, easy to cut
  • Ladderproof

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