To strengthen the surface and adjust absorption

PROFIX 30 is a water-dispersed micronised acrylic resin base that is able to penetrate deep into the surface creating a high fixative and absorption homogenising effect.

Where to use it

    Preparation of mineral or synthetic surfaces, both outdoor and indoor, before the application of further coatings, finishes or waterproofing products. Particularly suitable for:
  • Old cement or lime-based plaster, especially if deteriorated, powdery or weakened
  • Surfaces with synthetic finishes, quartz coatings or plastic paints
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Old or dusty screeds


  • High penetrating power and effective strengthening effect, even with low-porous surfaces
  • It adjusts surface absorption, facilitating the following applications
  • Removes dust from mineral surfaces
  • It increases adhesion of coatings, finishes and waterproofing products to the surface
  • Can be applied in closed and poorly ventilated environments as it is odourless and solvent-free

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