Fibre-reinforced mortar for the repair and renovation of facades

FIBRO 20 is a fibre-reinforced, thixotropic, mortar with low modulus of elasticity used for localised repairs of cement-based and lime-cement plasters.

Where to use it

  • To restore any missing cement or lime-cement plaster before the finishing phase
  • To repair and smooth porous and chipped cement-based surfaces
  • To seal the rendering mortar on exposed walls


  • Excellent thixotropy that allows the product to be applied without formwork
  • Excellent workability
  • Good surface finish
  • High adhesion to all cement-based surfaces
  • Adequate chemical and physical compatibility with the indicated surfaces
  • Applicable with trowel and float, or machine-applicable with continuous mixing plastering machine.
  • Low modulus of elasticity

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