Volteco Green

Every day we do our best to respecting the environment around us.
A daily commitment to protect ourselves and others, to live better in the present and give great importance to the future.

Volteco green

Our commitment with those who choose us:

Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products

• We add natural components (natural lime or sodium bentonite)
• We do not use hexavalent chromium or cement where possible
• We use recycled materials
• We create solutions with no expiry date

No release of VOCs into the air

Low release of VOCs
into the air

• We guarantee the safety of the applicators

Eco-friendly logistics solutions

Eco-friendly logistics solutions

• Reduction of bag size by 30% (with the same capacity) thanks to the “comparable” technology to vacuum packing
• Recyclability of bags on site
• Optimization of the dimensions of pallets and containers

Development of digital tools and reduction of prints

Development of digital tools and reduction of prints

• QR code present in the packaging
• Website loaded with technical data sheets, safety data sheets, Decl. of performance (DOP), Design standard, Labelling CE

Our commitment in the company:

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) must be prepared with reference to an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which defines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the impact on surrounding environment in the various stages of the product life cycle. www.epditaly.it

Volteco obtained the declaration for the following products:


N.Reg.: EPDITALY0299 – 30/05/2022
Dichiarazione EPD


N.Reg.: EPDITALY0298 – 30/05/2022
Dichiarazione EPD

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