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A team specialized in the best techniques for the protection and renovation of building constructions, throughout Italy. Volteco follows you in a complete and professional way, from the project to the choice of the intervention to be carried out. The high standards of Volteco systems eliminate unnecessary future maintenance costs and ensure the quality of a healthy and safe environment over time. Effective and durable interventions which, by contrasting the deterioration of the structure or by recovering existing spaces, preserve the value of the building over time.

techniques for the protection and renovation of building constructions

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Tailor-made advice

Tailor-made advice

Specialist inspection

Specialist inspection

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Assistance on site

Execution of works by specialized installation team

Execution of works by specialized installation team

Where is your problem?

Risanamento umidità murature

Rising dampness

• Plaster detachment
• Stains and salts on the surface
• Molds, algae and fungi

We need to restore

Permanently resolving the problem and preserving the building from aesthetic, structural, and thermal insulation damage.

Impermeabilizzazione terrazzi e balconi

Damaged terraces and roofs

• Tiles broken by frost
• Water infiltration
• Stains and mold
• Settlement cracks

We need to waterproof

Protecting the terrace from atmospheric aggressions and structural movements. With our systems you can avoid costs and inconvenience of demolition, laying over the old flooring.

Ripristino e protezione facciate

Degraded external facades

• Plaster detachment
• Peeling
• Cracks and fissures
• Thermal bridges

We need to protect

Using a mix of products that behave like a protective coating, ensuring breathability, elasticity and preventing the phenomena of absorption.

Impermeabilizzazione ambienti interrati

Flooded basements and cellars

• Infiltration and flooding
• Moisture stains
• Wet walls
• Rising groundwater

We need to stop the water

Waterproofing with targeted and long-lasting solutions, which start from the study of the causes, of the constructive peculiarities of the building and of the surrounding area.

Impermeabilizzazione piscine e vasche

Pools and tanks

• Infiltration on pools and tanks
• Detachment of tiles
• Movement and settling of pools and channels

We need to contain the water

Waterproofing with performance products capable of dealing with complex problems such as negativ hydraulic pressures, structural settlements and different surfaces to adhere to.

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Direct message chat or whatsapp

Specialist inspection

Book an inspection or consultation

Book an inspection or consultation

Get a tailor-made intervention

After studying the problem on the spot, you will be able to receive a real estimate of the time and costs required to solve it.
You decide whether to carry out the recommended work.

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