Waterproof for us

Our challenge: to protect building structures from water!

Volteco is a specialist in its work

More than 45 years ago Volteco was born around an idea.
A challenge, then as now: protecting building structures from water. Even now Volteco does this, it is its DNA.
Above or below the ground level, renovation or rehabilitation, new construction: a specific solution for each type of problem, which integrates with others, creating a performance mix.
Volteco offers highly technological and innovative solutions for waterproofing walls, surfaces and masonry, for the protection of plasters, for smoothing and restoration, sealants and waterproofing products for construction, hydro-reactive products and flexible waterproof coatings.

Volteco is the waterproofing specialist!

Volteco is a waterproofing specialist

The players of the process

There are many professionals who come into play in the construction process. Each of them influences the final choices, which are made on site and can have a different weight depending on the specific situation. It is also essential that the waterproofing design is integrated into the design. Choices that, especially when approaching the waterproofing of environments below ground level, require special precautions to avoid unpleasant “surprises” such as water infiltration, health problems, and / or humidity that would affect liveability and reliability of the purpose for which they are intended.

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