Structurally restores, levels and waterproofs concrete

Recovery and protection

Repair mortars

Repair mortars


A semi-rapid thixotropic mortar with medium modulus of elasticity and controlled shrinkage, based on sulfoaluminate cement and reinforced with synthetic microfibres, suitable for structural repairs, smoothing and protection of reinforced concrete with an excellent surface finish.
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The advantages of FIBROeRASO

  • High impermeability
  • Easy workability and rapid application
  • High resistance to carbonation
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and reinforcement bars


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a FIBROeRASO

Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

  • SS_FIBROeRASO_Rev. 1.0 15_02_2024_EN.pdf Download

Declarations of performance

  • DP_FIBROeRASO_Nr 0037_CPR_2021_07_15_583_EN.pdf Download
  • DP_FIBROeRASO_Nr 0032_CPR_2021_07_15_582_EN.pdf Download


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