VOLGRIP HP – High Performance

Waterproofs naturally and permanently


Bentonite hydro-reactive membranes

Bentonite hydro-reactive membranes

VOLGRIP HP – High Performance

Bentonite self-fastening membrane that waterproofs reinforced concrete structures.
Thanks to the double layer, VOLGRIP + MDPE, it guarantees double protection, also in the presence of high water head.

The advantages of VOLGRIP HP – High Performance

  • Insuperable self-confinement
  • High impermeability even in difficult sites and in the presence of water with high salinity or polluted
  • It can be drilled, cut and shaped to adapt to the structure
  • Natural-based product, it earns points for LEED certification


Download the documentation

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Technical data sheets

  • TS_VOLGRIP HP - High Performance_104_EN.pdf Download

Safety data sheets

  • SS_VOLGRIP HP_Rev. 1.0 19_02_2024_EN.pdf Download

Declarations of performance

  • DP_VOLGRIP HP_Nr 0021_CPR_2021_06_01_376_EN.pdf Download


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