Dehumidification of damp walls – Comnago – Italy

Damp walls

Dehumidification of damp walls – Comnago – Italy

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Piemonte - Italy

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Products associated with the reference

Akti-Vo 201

Synthetic rubber hydro-expansive mastic.

Amphibia 3000 Grip

AMPHIBIA 3000 GRIP is an EPDM waterproof membrane, reactive to contact with water, self-repairing, self-sealing and self-fastening to the concrete.

Bi Mortar Plaster Seal

Fibre-reinforced waterproofing mortar for thick layer applications.

Calibro NHL

Plaster with natural hydraulic lime nhl 3.5, damp-proof, salt-resistant and anti-condensation.

Calibro Plus Evaporation

Salt-resistant rough coat and anti-humidity, anti-salt and anti-condensation plaster.


Thick acrylic-siloxane coating for indoors and outdoors, with high breathability, elasticity and water resistance.

Plastivo 250

Two-component flexible waterproofing compound.

Spidy 15

Quick-setting waterproof mortar.

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