Protects and finishes the facades

Recovery and protection

Waterproof levelling compounds - primers - paints - resins

Waterproof levelling compounds - primers - paints - resins


A thick, coloured paste, organic mineral finish coating for outdoor and indoor use, featuring high breathability and water resistance, composed of water-dispersed acrylic-siloxane resins.

The advantages of CP0

  • Fine aesthetic appearance, available in different sizes
  • Compact effect, excellent filling and covering capability
  • Resistant to the formation and proliferation of mould, algae and fungi
  • Long-lasting thanks to high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a CP0

Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

Declarations of performance

  • DP_CP0_Nr 0026_CPR_2015_05_05_336_EN.pdf Download


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