GARVO 3 e 5

Completes the waterproofing action on terraces and balconies

Joints and sealants

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes

GARVO 3 e 5

Waterproof elastic strip joint cover tapes for use in combination with PLASTIVO coating or AQUASCUD SYSTEM protective system.
Suited for waterproofing joints in structures subject to movement and for covering structural cracks and construction joints subject to positive hydrostatic pressure.

The advantages of GARVO 3 e 5

  • Easy and quick application
  • Extremely waterproof
  • High elongation capacity
  • Excellent adhesion


Download the documentation

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Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

Technical drawings

  • DS_AQUASCUD SYSTEM/ sealing of corner_199_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Vehicular roof - AQUASCUD 420_229_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Roof garden - Aquascud SYSTEM_231_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_AQUASCUD SYSTEM 420 - splitting joint sealing_519_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Ramp with AMPHIBIA with ADEKA KM 20.20 and JOINT PANEL Type R_521_EN.pdf Download

Extra content

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