Finishes and protects the perimeter of terraces and balconies

Joints and sealants

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes


A draining gutter profile in painted aluminium to finish and protect the edge of terraces and balconies, to promote the correct outflow of water.

The advantages of AQUASCUD LINE

  • Easy to join with quick-coupling joints
  • For the correct outflow of water on sloped surfaces
  • Specifically designed for connection with waterproofing products to protect screeds
  • In the H.10 version it helps the draining away of any residual water and damp in the under-tile layer


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a AQUASCUD LINE

Technical data sheets


Technical drawings

  • DS_AQUASCUD SYSTEM/ sealing of corner_199_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Flat roof accessible to vehicular traffic - AQUASCUD SYSTEM_229_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Roof garden - AQUASCUD SYSTEM_231_EN.pdf Download

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