Reinforces and resists over time

Joints and sealants

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes

Joint covers - profiles - reinforcement meshes


An AR fibreglass mesh which, thanks to high resistance to the alkalis contained in the cement, is not affected by oxidation and disaggregation.

The advantages of REVOMAT

  • Good flexibility to facilitate shaping for changes in direction
  • Excellent durability, unalterable in damp and chemically aggressive environments
  • High tensile strength (approximately 3 times greater than steel)
  • It features a special anti-alkaline surface treatment (finish) which enhances the properties and provides dimensional stability


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a REVOMAT

Technical data sheets


Technical drawings

  • DS_Tanking with BI MORTAR PLASTER SEAL, PLASTIVO and AMPHIBIA_518_EN.pdf Download

Extra content

Waterproofing of basements and underground structures Infiltrations Flooding Rising dampness Cracks Mould Weakening Rust
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