Levels evenly and in a breathable manner


Damp-proof restoration systems

Damp-proof restoration systems


A white ready-mixed, lime-based, hydrophobic finishing plaster.

The advantages of X-LIME

  • High breathability
  • Easy workability on existing and newly-built surfaces
  • Excellent finish results, even in the presence of micro-cracks and old paint
  • Compatibility with old walls


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a X-LIME


Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

Technical drawings

  • DS_Rising dampness - CALIBRO SYSTEM without skirting_224_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Tanking with BI MORTAR PLASTER SEAL, PLASTIVO and AMPHIBIA_518_EN.pdf Download

Extra content

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Chemical barrier against rising damp Mould Weakening Deterioration Rising dampness
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