Facade restoration and protection – Modena – Italy

Facades Ripristino e protezione condominio bonus facciate_Volteco

Facade restoration and protection – Modena – Italy

Intervento di ripristino e protezione presso condominio in provincia di Modena.


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Emilia-Romagna - Italy

Impresa Edil Cucci

Products associated with the reference


Super-hydrophobic creamy emulsion.

Plastivo 180

Two-component flexible waterproofing compound.

Flexomix 30

Cement-based, ready-mixed compound with low modulus of elasticity.

Fibromix 40

Fibre-reinforced, cement-based, ready-mixed compound with medium modulus of elasticity.

Profix 30

Base coat able to increase the adhesion of the surface.

Aquascud System 420

Two-component waterproofing product.

Garvo 3 e 5

Joint-cover strip reinforced with rubber.

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