Waterproofing of basements – Settimo Torinese – Italy


Waterproofing of basements – Settimo Torinese – Italy

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Settimo Torinese

Piemonte - Italy

GRUPPO PIOTTO SRL - Settimo Torinese (TO)

AD STUDIO Delli Gatti Architetto Angelo - ARS3 Ingegneria Architettura

Products associated with the reference

Amphibia 3000 Grip

AMPHIBIA 3000 GRIP is an EPDM waterproof membrane, reactive to contact with water, self-repairing, self-sealing and self-fastening to the concrete.

Bi Mastic

High performance deformable adhesive mastic.

Plastivo 180

Two-component flexible waterproofing compound.

Profix 30

Base coat able to increase the adhesion of the surface.

Bi Flex System

Elastic tape based on TPE polymers and epoxy adhesive for gluing.

WT 102

Hydro-expansive bentonite curb.

Bi Mortar Levelling Seal

Betoncino colabile a ritiro compensato

Akti-Vo 201

Synthetic rubber hydro-expansive mastic.

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