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BI MASTIC is an elastic, one-component, modified silane thixotropic sealant and adhesive mastic for high performance bonding of different materials, both for indoor and outdoor applications, as a replacement or integration of mechanical fastenings.

Where to use it

  • Elastic bonding and sealing for indoor and outdoor applications, on a wide range of materials without using primers, such as aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, cement and derivatives, plaster, bricks, stone, ceramics, glass, wood and similar material, some rubbers and plastics and/or synthetics
  • Fastening of thermal and acoustic panels, covering panels, plasterboards
  • To create joints and fittings between prefabricated elements
  • Bonding and assembly of thresholds and window sills, skirting
  • Sealing of fittings and details in basins and pools
  • Firm bonding of the overlaps of AMPHIBIA 3000 GRIP membrane and BI FLEX System


  • High thixotropy, adhesion and durability
  • Initial grip with “suction effect” and excellent final mechanical performance
  • Hygroscopic behaviour, cross-linked with environmental humidity
  • Also applicable on damp surfaces
  • Applicable on a wide range of surfaces, both absorbent and non-absorbent without the need for special pre-treatments
  • Does not generate corrosion if applied on metal surfaces
  • Can be painted with elastomeric paints
  • Free of solvents and isocyanates
  • Excellent resistant to UV, good resistance to ageing
  • Comfortable, quick and easy to use

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