BI FIX 300

Secures locally even in difficult conditions

Joints and sealants

Adhesives - anchors - mastics

Adhesives - anchors - mastics

BI FIX 300

Amphibious two-component chemical anchor, vinyl ester without styrene, for quick, high-performance fastening of connectors and iron tools. Made of two components (A+B) which are mixed using the special nozzle at the time of extrusion.

The advantages of BI FIX 300

  • Fast, solid and resolutive anchoring
  • It can be fastened on horizontal, vertical, inclined or overhead axis
  • Also suitable for fixing on intact or cracked concrete supports, solid and perforated masonry, stone, wood...
  • Applicable on dry, wet or flooded concrete


Download the documentation

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Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

  • SS_BI FIX 300 COMPONENT A_Rev. 3.0 08_05_2024_EN.pdf Download
  • SS_BI FIX 300 COMPONENT B_Rev. 5.0 08_05_2024_EN.pdf Download

Declarations of performance


Technical drawings

  • DS_Tanking with BI MORTAR PLASTER SEAL, PLASTIVO and AMPHIBIA_518_EN.pdf Download

Extra content

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