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Adhesives - anchors - mastics

Adhesives - anchors - mastics


A two-component filled epoxy adhesive with high thixotropy and the consistency of a soft plaster.

The advantages of BI BOND

  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials
  • High resistance to chemical agents and thawing salts
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High thixotropy, it does not run in vertical or ceiling applications


Download the documentation

Scarica e guarda la documentazione completa (zip) relativa a BI BOND

Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets

  • SS_BI BOND COMPONENT A_Rev. 1.0 01_12_2023_EN.pdf Download
  • SS_BI BOND COMPONENT B_Rev.4.0 04_12_2023_EN.pdf Download


Technical drawings

  • DS_Underground tank - construction joint sealing with BI FLEX System and PLASTIVO_520_EN.pdf Download
  • DS_Construction joint with AMPHIBIA pre-applied against formworks_674_EN.pdf Download

Brochures and depliants

  • Volteco Waterproofing Design Solutions for underground environments.pdf Download

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