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Waterproofing and protection of buildings from water and humidity

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Volteco for Pharmanutra: waterproofing systems for functional and energy upgrading

Volteco has been chosen by the pharmaceutical company Pharmanutra (Pisa-Tuscany) to supply waterproofing systems […]

case histories, Inspirations, Renovation

In Marsaskala, a 19th-century villa becomes a boutique hotel

The intervention required the expansion of the ground floor to be used as […]

case histories, Inspirations, Renovation

Waterproofing intervention for the redevelopment of a historic bunker

The goal was ambitious: to transform this location, so full of history and original, into a beautiful gallery […]

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Hotel redevelopment in Pietrasanta, Lucca

The project involves the recovery and redevelopment of a building in the historic center of Pietrasanta (LU) […]


Underground construction: the ‘top-down’ technique

In cases where the availability of ground surface area is difficult to maintain for a long time, it is possible to highly accelerate the restoration time by building in top-down mode […]

case histories

Internal waterproofing of the basement of the S. Caterina Museum – Treviso

The Church and Convent of St. Catherine, whose construction began in 1346 in the area of the city […]

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The waterproofing of basement spaces in Italy

It has been estimated that the cost of waterproofing a building (in the case of new buildings) is worth on average 2-3% of the total cost of the building itself […]

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Waterproofing details: How to waterproof the lift pit

The lift pit is a technical room, in detail it consists of the lower space of the shaft that allows the lift to overtravel, which is subject to continuous dynamic stress […]

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Waterproofing deatails: How to treat a basement window

The basement window is a fondamental small building component that serves to guarantee the passage of air and light to the basement […]

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